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ПРСМ-3 welding machines are designed for in-track flash-butt welding of rails with cross section of 6500 mm2 to 10000 mm2 during repair and construction of railroad tracks.

The machine comprises K 922-1 rail welding machine with upset force of 120 t with programmed control system, which allows performing welding using pulsed flashing.

Parameter name Rate
Overall dimension according to GOST 9238-83 1-Т
Speed at transportation by a separate locomotive or as a part of a train, km/h 80
Self-propelled speed, km/h 65
Weight of trailer train, t 40
Wheel tread diameter, mm 950
Spring suspension (single with longitudinal equalizers)
Machine welding time for one rail joint, type P65, sec, at most 120
Minimum radius of curve negotiation in horizontal profile, m 150
Service staff (excluding personnel required for process operations), persons 2
Time for bringing into operating or transport position, min. 5
Capacity of power unit, kW, at least 315
Fuel contents, t 1,05
Weight of machine, t 68

The modernized machine PRSM-3 is able to perform high-quality works related to construction of high-speed rail tracks.  To create a modern machine on the basis of an overhauled machine PRSM-3, it is necessary to replace the component parts with expired service life or morally obsolete, with new ones:

– instead of the old diesel generator unit – a modern diesel produced by CUMMINS (DEUTZ can be used) with a capacity of at least 350 kVA (with a low content of harmful substances in the exhaust gases) with STAMFORD generator, which significantly increases the reliability of the entire machine in whole;

– instead of the two old welding machines K355A-1, a modern rail welding machine K922-1 with upset force of 120 t is installed, which allows welding rail inserts without deforming the insert into the ”loop” shape; to ensure high-quality welding of heat-treated and non-hardened rails, an operating mode of pulsed flashing of rails is used on a welding machine;

— new technological equipment;

– an additional motor-pump unit for emergency situations;

– instead of the old cooling station for cooling the welding equipment – a more efficient cooling station located in the equipment hood;

– instead of the swinging frame, which has proved itself well on КСМ005 complex, the lifting device has the ability to rotate in both directions by ± 180 (± 450 by custom order), which allows installing the welding head quickly in the operating position and simplifies its installation onto the rail in the welding zone, as well as the new lifting device is more reliable in operation and easier to maintain and repair;

—operation safety system;

— fire detection and extinguishing system;

– instead of the old hoods that did not hide the welding machines from the influence of atmospheric precipitation, new hoods, which do not have these defects, are installed over the lifting device with a welding machine, over the equipment, over the diesel generator unit.

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