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The container-type rail welding machine К1000 (welding complex) is designed for flash-butt welding with continuous of pulsed flashing of the rails with cross-section of 5000 mm2 up to 10 000 mm2 into the rail strings up to 1000 m in length during construction of jointless (including high-speed) railways with burr removal immediately after welding.

The welding complex is absolutely autonomous – it is located in three containers designed for transportation by road and can operate in UHL climatic environment, placement category 1, at ambient temperature + 5ºC to + 50ºC.

One 20ft container contains of K 1000 rail welding machine as such, pump station, autonomous cooling post of the welder, autonomous oil cooling post of the hydraulic system, exhaust device, auxiliaries and communication facilities.

The second 20ft container contains a diesel-generator unit, auxiliaries and communication facilities.

The 10ft container contains control equipment, air conditioning unit, a table, a chair, auxiliaries and communication facilities.

When using K 1000 container-type welding machine, considerable money is saved due to the optimal transportation of rails and delivery of rail strings directly to the place, where the track bed is laid. Independence and mobility of the welding complex allow us to arrange production of rail strings in the shortest time and to shorten the railway construction period.

Parameter nameRate
Rated mains voltage, V380
Mains current frequency, Hz50
Maximum secondary current, kA84
Rated continuous secondary current, kA19
Short circuit power, kVA600
Welding power at DC=50%, kVA180
Maximum operating pressure in the hydraulic system, MPa20
Maximum upset speed, mm/sec100
Maximum upset force, kH800
Maximum clamping force, kH2000
Weight of complex, kg:
- container No.114 600
- container No.27 500
- container No.33 100
Overall dimensions of complex, mm:
- container No.16058×2438×2591
- container №26058×2438×2591
- container №3300×2438×2591
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