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The machine is a self-propelled vehicle, on which operating elements are mounted – middle and side plows, a sweeping device, a ballast conveyor, a ballast storage bin for accumulation of excess ballast and its further pouring into the necessary places.

At the same time, the ballast leveling machine can transport another machine up to 40 t, if necessary, including connection of the main pipeline of the compressed-air brake of railway type.

Parameter nameRate
Overall dimension for transport according to GOST 9238-831-Т
Track gauge, mm1520
Operating width of sweeping device, mm, min2600
Operating width of side shares from track axle (pull out), mm, min(выдвижением), мм.2400
Operating width of side shares from track axle (pull out + turn), mm, min4500
Ballast accumulation in hopper, m3, min5
Service staff, persons 2
Minimum curve radius at operation, m150
Minimum curve radius at transportation, m120
Machine width in transportation mode, mm3310
Machine height in transportation mode, mm4795
Weight of machine, t47,9

The machine includes the components as follows:

  • power supply unit;
  • power train arrangement;
  • undercarriage;
  • operating elements for performing technological operations for track levelling;
  • hydraulic system;
  • operating pneumatic system;
  • electric equipment;
  • hoods and fences;
  • braking system, which also provides braking when travelling as a part of train;

The machine has operating mode and transport mode.

In the operating mode, the machine creates and forms a ballast section profile.  The machine moves at a constant speed, which corresponds to the selected work method:

  • ballast movement, shaping the ballast section using the middle plow and side shares (v = up to 8 km/h);
  • sweeping and cleaning of the surface of ties and fastenings from ballast (v = up to 2 km/h)
  • In transport mode, the machine moves like a self-propelled transport unit.

The maximum self-propelled speed is 80 km/h., as a part of a train – 100 km/h.

Weight of trailer train – 40 t.

The machine can be transported as part of a train unattended.

In contrast to other machines of the same type, СПЗ-5 has a lower weight, due to which the fuel consumption is significantly reduced.

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