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Road-rail vehicle equipped with a railway drive system of two types:
1) K-RR-32.WF-1 – friction type;
2) K-RR-32.HD-1 – hydrostatic type.

The vehicle is manufactured on the base of the VOLVO automobile chassis and is a ready-made technical solution for the production of road-rail machines on its basis for repair and construction of the upper structure of the railway track. The mentioned vehicle can be used as a base for overhead catenary maintenance and construction machines, mobile rail welding complexes, construction machines, etc.

The vehicle is equipped with the necessary systems for movement by railway. Two types of the drive of movement on rail are manufactured: a friction type (from driving wheels of the automobile chassis) and a hydrostatic type (from the hydromotors installed on the axles of the railway bogies).

Parameter descriptionStandard value
Maximum speed on rail, km/h25
Maximum speed on road, km/h90
Railway gauge, mm 1435/1520
Seating capacity of passenger cabin, persons2/4
Superstructure fixing typetwist-lock
Number of axles of truck chassis3/4
Number of driving axles of truck chassis 1/2
Axle configuration of chassis6х2/6х4/8х2/8х4
Number of railway axles3/4
Number of railway driving axles0*/2/3/4
Minimum curve radius when moving on the rail, m 80
Maximum gradient, %ₒ40
Brake systempneumatic
Weight of vehicle, kg16500

* with a friction type of movement drive.

Egor Bondar
Head of rail welding equipment department

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