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The welding machine is designed for flash-butt welding of rails with cross-section of 65002 to 10 000 mm2 using continuous or pulsed flashing under field conditions with burr removing immediately after welding being a part of movable rail-welding plants.

The machine can also be used in stationary conditions.

Parameter name Rate
Rated mains voltage, V380
Mains current frequency, Hz50
Maximum secondary current, kA67
Rated continuous secondary current, kA24
Maximum short circuit power, kVA500
Short circuit resistance, microohm110
Power at DC 50%, kVA211
Rated upset force, kN, at maximum operating pressure in the hydraulic system1200
Maximum operating pressure in the hydraulic system, MPa21
Drive for clamping and upset mechanismshydraulic
Coolant flow rate at a pressure of 0.15 MPa, l/min, of:
- welding machine25
- pump station40
Weight of delivery set, kg5 000
Weight of welding machine, kg3 450
Overall dimensions, mm, of:
- welding machine1895×1060×1300
- pump station1300×745×1420
- control cabinet1270×660×1800


• Powerful welding transformers, which allow welding in harder modes.

• Availability of clamping cylinders with a multiplication pressure, which eliminates slippage of rails during upset.

• Horizontal positioning of the clamping cylinders to create a permanent force independent of jaw wear.

• Burrs are removed automatically, immediately after welding, by a throw-on deburring unit with the help of built-in autonomous hydraulic cylinders for burr removal.

• Burrs are removed along the entire rail profile.

• A long service life of the blades of the throw-on deburring unit due to the built-up cutting edges.

• The stroke of the upset cylinders makes 100 mm; it can be optionally increased if necessary.

• Owing to increased upset force – 120 tons, there is a possibility to weld long rail strings on the way (to tight the strings).

• The rail centering is independent of the wear of the clamping jaws.

• Availability of a hydropneumatic accumulator, which serves to accumulate the pressure energy in the hydraulic system during the periods of its consumption by hydraulic units and its release into the system with an increase in the second oil consumption at the moment of upset.

• Availability of a dispensing mechanism, which limits movement of the upset cylinders.

• Protection of the operator against sparks during welding.

• Protection against overheating by temperature sensors on welding transformers.

• Protection of welding and control cables, high-pressure hoses against sparks during welding and against mechanical damages.

• Coolant flow control for all heat-transfer agents of the machine.

• The current-leading jaws are made of wear-resistant conductive material, designed for a long service life.

• Weldreg 2 program developed by KZESO operating in Windows environment is used to register the parameters of the welding modes.

• The machine is equipped with a welding control system, built on the latest Siemens controller, which provides:

– setting and control of process-dependent parameters that determine the welded joint quality;

– monitoring the condition of the machine’s actuators;

– monitoring the condition of the electrical part of the machine;

– providing the operator with real-time information about the welding process;

– gathering and storing of information on the welding process of each welded joint;

– providing each welded joint with a data sheet;

• Closed cooling system. It is possible to install an autonomous liquid cooler to cool the heat-transfer agents of the machine.

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