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KZESO PrJSC is a production and engineering company that specializes in developing and manufacturing of electric welding equipment and track machinery.
KZESO PrJSC is a production and engineering company that specializes in developing and manufacturing of electric welding equipment and track machinery.
Becoming a client of KZESO, you can count on personal approach, qualified technical assistance and professional solution of your tasks

For more than 90 years of history, KZESO has concentrated a powerful technical, production and commercial potential, advanced technologies in design and production, a close-knit staff of highly skilled workers and specialists. 

 Close cooperation with E.O.  Paton Electric Welding Institute allows the plant to implement complex projects in development and production of knowledge-based equipment in a short time, thanks to which we are leaders in the world market of rail welding equipment today.

Our partners and clients

The plant’s products are supplied to the USA, Austria, China, Korea and other countries of Europe, America, and Asia.  Over 95% of suspended and 60% stationary rail welding machines of the world park are products of KZESO.

At the same time, starting from 2007, we develop production of railway vehicles for construction and repair of the railway track. The ballast leveling machinesСПЗ-5, the rail-welding complexes КРС-1, the mobile rail welding complexes КСМ005 on the chassis of VOLVO car, the latest rail-welding complexes of the second generation КСМ007 on the basis of the chassis DAF 8×4, the ballast cleaning machine СЧ-1000, overhaul and modernization with the overhaul of rail-welding machines ПРСМ-3 are developed, produced and have already successfully proven themselves under actual operating conditions.

The new technical and technological solutions embodied in these machines ensure high productivity, quality, work safety and at the same time considerable saving of resources, which sets our equipment apart from analogues.

Working in accordance with national and international standards ISO 9001-2009, we guarantee a high technical level, reliability, efficiency of the delivered equipment and a comprehensive operational service anywhere in the world.

KZESO PrJSC is focused on quality today and in the future

By this we mean not only the QUALITY of our services, but in principle all the activities of the organization and all the processes in the organization.  The purpose of our quality policy is embodied in the established quality management system relating to all products and processes interconnected with the quality of instruments, installations and production equipment, as well as contracts.  Based on this conviction, we comply with the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001-2009 using our Quality Management System.

The goal of the quality policy of KZESO PrJSC:
  • Providing consumer properties of products and services
  • Continuous analysis of customer satisfaction • Increasing the competitiveness of the KZESO trademark
  • Marketing development
  • Providing conditions for obtaining high professionalism of each employee
  • Mutually beneficial relations with suppliers
  • Quality and safety carrying-out all processes • Introduction of new progressive technologies and materials in production with the purpose of improving the consumer properties of products
  • Continuous improvement of the quality management system.
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