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The press is designed for testing the strength and plasticity of welded joints of rail samples at rail welding enterprises.

The press allows testing rails of different quality categories (non-thermostrengthened, thermostrengthened, thermostrengthened of the highest quality) with the applied load on both the head and the base of the rail.

Climatic version – UHL4 according GOST 15150.

The process of rail testing is controlled by the control system built on the basis of SIMATIC S7-300 controller, which includes a CPU-313C, analog and digital I/O.
The hydraulic equipment of the press is designed to control the operation of the press driven by the hydraulic cylinder.
The hydraulic equipment consists of the Enerpac ZE4440SW-L hydraulic power pack and monitoring and regulating equipment, which is designed to set the required pressure and to register its changes.  At the end of the test cycle, the controller issues information on the test results (“OK” or “REJECTED”) to the front panel of the control cabinet. It is also possible to print the test result using the printer.

Delivery set:

— КПМ press;
— stationary support for КПМ.00.00.000;
— Enerpac hydraulic power pack with monitoring and regulating equipment;
— control cabinet;
— NOTE BOOK portable computer;
— laser printer;
— spare tools and accessories kit for the warranty period of operation;
— set of operational documentation.

Parameter nameRate
Rated voltage of mains, V
or of diesel-generator unit, V
Mains current frequency, Hz50
Maximum force, t320
Maximum deflection, mm60
Length of welded samples, mm1100-1800
Operating pressure in the hydraulic system, MPa40
Overall dimensions of КПМ.00.00.000, mm (length х width х height), of:
- press 2200х582х1040
- press with support 2200х582х1555
- hydraulic station 610х576х715
- control cabinet 690х466х1150
Overall dimensions of КПМ.00.00.000-01, mm (length х width х height), of:
- press 2200х582х1040
- hydraulic station 610х576х715
- control cabinet 690х466х1150
Weight of press КПМ.00.00.000, kg3100
Weight of press КПМ.00.00.000-01, kg2600
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