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The stationary machine for resistance spot welding of general purpose is designed for resistance spot welding of products of low-carbon and corrosion-resistant steel, titanium and aluminum alloys, as well as cross-shaped joints of reinforcement bars of types BI, AI, AII,  AIII using alternating current with compressive force adjustable with one or more current pulses.

The machine is made with three types of controllers:
— РKСМ — produced in Ukraine
— SERRATRON 1А (1В) — produced in Italy

The controller is equipped with a welding process control system built on a programmable controller, which provides automatic stabilization of the set parameters with indication of the actual values ​​of the welding current during welding.

Parameter name Rate
Rated mains voltage at frequency 50 Hz, V380
Maximum short circuit power, kVA98
Power at DC=50%, kVA45
Rated continuous secondary current, kA9
Maximum secondary current, kA22
Maximum compressive force, daN800
Rated stick-out, mm500
Diameter of reinforcement bars, mm, of the types as follows:
- ВI, АI от 4,0+4,0 до 16,0+16,0
- АII, АIIIот 6,0+6,0 до 10,0+10,0
Range of thicknesses to be welded, mm:
- aluminum alloysот 0,5+0,5 до 0,8+0,8
- low-carbon steel от 0,5+0,5 до 5,0+5,0
- stainless steel and titanium alloys от 0,5+0,5 до 1,0+1,0
- brassот 0,5+0,5 до 0,8+0,8
Electrode spacing, mm:
- minimum80
- rated150
- maximum220
Weight, kg430
Overall dimensions, mm1280×630×1880
Regulator type (by order) РКСМ
Serratron 1A
Serratron 1B


• Availability of a foot-operated button having a flexible coupling with the machine, which allows installing it in a place convenient for work
• Pneumatic compression drive
• Adjustable electrode stick-out
• Availability of a pneumatic device that provides power with the cleaned compressed air and control of the pneumatic drive operation
• Smooth pressure adjustment in the working chambers of the pneumatic drive
• Smooth adjustment of the working travel of the electrode when welding products with projections, walls and other complex configuration elements of the welded products
• Availability of water cooling of electrodes, elements of current contact jaws and welding transformer
• Smooth operation of the pneumatic drive
• Silencers for air exhaust reducing noise level to a minimum
• Availability of a pressure relay that commands the resistance welding controller when the required pressure is decreased, which in turn prohibits start of the welding cycle, and in the absence of water in the relay system it serves for switching off of the machine automatically
• The welding controller supports 16 different modes of resistance welding (for SERRATRON 1A) – the parameters of the welding modes are set via the portable programmer for storage in the controller’s memory.
• The welding controller supports 256 different modes of resistance welding (for SERRATRON 1B)  – the parameters of the welding modes are set via the operator panel for storage in the controller’s memory.
• The welding controllers have current feedback (for SERRATRON 1A, 1B).
• Automatic stabilization of the set parameters with indication of actual values ​​(for SERRATRON 1А, 1В).
• Possibility of current modulation in the welding pulse (for SERRATRON 1A, 1B).
• The welding controller РКСМ is easy to use – it has a digital panel for displaying welding parameters.

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