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Two new KCM007 rail welding complexes have been handed over to the Customer. These are the first complexes of such type that will operate on the Ukrainian railways.

A lot of work has been done; a huge amount of time and effort has been spent from the designing to the final products. The result is in the picture!!! These modern vehicles can be found in different parts of our country in the near future. The specialists of JSC “UKRZALIZNYTSIA” got the complexes that are the embodiment of all the latest developments in the field of rail welding – this will allow improving the quality of railways to a completely different level in Ukraine.

These powerful machines make people, in unbreathing astonishment, to admire them and be proud of all who created them!

The following complexes are preparing to leave the production shops of our company in the coming days in order to join the process of reconstruction of existing and construction of new, up-to-date and high-speed railways.

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