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The complex is designed for flash-butt welding in the field environment with pulsed flashing of the rails with cross-section of 6500 mm2 up to 10 000 mm2 with burr removal immediately after welding. The complex is produced in a version of 20ft sea container designed for mounting both on a truck base, and on the railway platform for moving through a railway to the welding works area. If necessary, it can be installed and operated in stationary conditions for manufacturing of rail strings.

K922-1 welder,  crane-manipulator, diesel-generator unit, fire extinguishing system, pump station, control cabinets for welding machine and complex, water cooling post are installed in the container.

For operation of the crane-manipulator, in the container there are rear and side opening boards, doors and hatches necessary for operation of the complex and equipment installation. The crane-manipulator provides for a back out of the welding machine from the container and positioning it on a joint of the rails to be welded. After welding is done by the crane-manipulator, the welding machine will be returned into the container.

Parameter nameRate
Electric power sourceIsolated diesel-generator unit
Neutral point connection of diesel-generator unitinsulated neutral
Rated mains voltage, V400
Mains current frequency, Hz50
Power of diesel-generator unit, kVA350
Cross-section of the rails to be weld, mm26500 - 10000
Rated continuous secondary current, kA21,5
Maximum short-term capacity at welding rails Р65, welding / hour13
Oil pressure in hydraulic system, MPa21
Rated mode of operation DC, %50
Machine time for welding rails with cross-section P65, sec120 - 180
Lifting device capacity, kg4000
Angle of rotation of the lifting device in the horizontal plane, degree±18 (±45*)
Luffing of extending section of the hydraulic lifting device, mm 0 - 860
Overall dimensions, mm:
height from the rail head 2591
Total weight, kg20000
Movement method Railway track, highway
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