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The suspended two-operator machine is designed for resistance spot welding of overlap joints of low-carbon and corrosion-resistant sheet steel, as well as cross-shaped joints of reinforcement bars of types BI, AI, AII, AIII.

By order, the machine can be made in one of the versions as follows:
– working fluid of the hydraulic drive — oil.
– welding transformer with a rated continuous secondary current of 6 kA or 3.2 kA;

The machine is made with three types of controllers:
— РКСМ — produced in Ukraine
— SERRATRON 1А or SERRATRON 1В — produced in Spain.

SERRATRON controllers are equipped with a welding process control system built on a programmable controller, which provides automatic stabilization of the set parameters with indication of the actual values ​​of the welding current during welding.

The machine can be equipped as a pincer spot welder or a push welder with a manual compression drive. The welding process control system allows setting individual welding modes for each weld gun.

Тип машиныКТ008
Наименование параметраНормаНорма
Номинальное напряжение питающей сети, В380380
Частота тока питающей сети, Гц5050
Наибольший вторичный ток, кА1414
Номинальный длительный вторичный ток, кА63,2
Привод усилия сжатия электродовпневмогидравлическийпневмогидравлический
Наибольшая мощность при коротком замыкании, кВА176240
Мощность при ПВ=50%, кВА118237
Масса, кг:
- блока питания330457
- комплекта поставки (подвеска, кабеля, рукава и т.д.
(в зависимости от комплектации)
395 - 475415 - 495
Габаритные размеры блока питания, мм810×600×910750×520×980
Тип регулятора (по заказу)РКСМ
Serratron 1A
Serratron 1B
Serratron 1A
Serratron 1B
Технические характеристикиКлещи
КГС - 2
Пистолет для односторонней сварки с ручным приводом
Наибольшее усилие сжатия электродов, даН (при давлении воздуха 0,5 МПа) 62530
Вылет, мм240-
Раствор, мм50-
Характер движения электродовпрямолинейное-
Свариваемые толщины листовой низкоуглеродистой стали, ммот 0,5 + 0,5
до 4,0 + 4,0
от 0,5 + 0,5*
до 1,5 + 1,2
Диаметр свариваемой арматуры, мм:
- AI, AIIот 4,0 + 4,0
до 16,0 + 16,0
- AIIIот 6,0 + 6,0
до 12,0 +12,0
Масса, кг17,53
Габаритные размеры, мм658×267×240480×306×70


• Availability of protective housing.
• Compressive force drive is hydropneumatic.
• Availability of a hydropneumatic device that is designed to convert low pressure of compressed air into high pressure of working fluid, necessary to create welding force on weld guns.
• Availability of a cooling system, which serves to protect the transformer, current-carrying cables, guns and electrodes from overheating during welding.
• High boost pressure ratio (approx. 15.3).
• Availability of a telescopic bar, which ensures adjustment of the machine’s position in height.
• Availability of a hinged suspension, which provides a 360° turn of the machine.
• Availability of a suspension for guns, which allows balancing the weight of weld guns and welding cables. This allows positioning the guns horizontally.
• Availability of cooling in welding cables.
• Availability of a coolant flow relay that protects the cooled live parts of the machine against overheating.
• Possibility of connecting two guns to the power supply unit for alternate operation.
• Availability of an automatic switch with a remote release designed to protect the power circuits of the machine from emergency conditions.
• SERRATRON 1А welding controller supports 16 different modes of resistance welding;
• SERRATRON 1В welding controller supports 256 different modes of resistance welding;
• SERRATRON 1А and SERRATRON 1В welding controller has current feedback;
• Possibility of current modulation in the welding pulse;
• The controller РKСМ is easy to use and has a digital panel for displaying welding parameters.

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