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The stationary machine КШ003 is designed for seam resistance welding of different products with cross composite weld, including flange welding of gasoline tanks (inclination of the rollers 600) , as well as for welding on of the heads and shells of low-carbon and stainless steel with galvanic coating and without coating.

The machine is made with a roller drive for each roller and inclined wheel electrodes. The machine is equipped with a welding process control system built on a programmable controller, which provides automatic stabilization of the set parameters with indication of the actual values​​.
Controller type SERRATRON 1А or SERRATRON 1В (Spain).

Parameter name Rate
Rated mains voltage at frequency 50 Hz, V380
Maximum short circuit power, kVA280
Power at DC=50%, kVA270
Rated continuous secondary current, kA22
Maximum secondary current, kA32
Maximum compressive force, daN1350
Rated stick-out, mm300
Linear speed of electrodes, m/min0,4 - 6,0
Range of thicknesses to be welded, mm:
- low-carbon steel от 0,5+0,5 до 3,0+3,0
- stainless steelот 0,3+0,3 до 2,5+2,5
Linear speed of rollers, m/min0,4 - 4,7
Maximum Electrode spacing, mm:128
Weight, kg1600
Overall dimensions, mm1740х795х2060
Regulator type (by order )Serratron 1A
Serratron 1B


• Rigid housing eliminating all possible deformations during welding;
• The original design of connection of the welding rollers to the electrode shaft, which ensures alignment of the welding roller planes with each other;
• Availability of two ranges of welding forces depending on the products to be welded:
a) range of small forces;
b) range of great forces;
• Availability of a foot-operated button having a flexible coupling with the machine, which allows installing it in a place convenient for work
• Pneumatic compression drive;
• Availability of a pneumatic device that provides power with the cleaned compressed air and control of the pneumatic drive operation;
• Smooth pressure adjustment in the working chambers of the pneumatic drive;
• Smooth adjustment of the working travel of the electrode when welding products with projections, walls and other complex configuration elements of the welded products;
• Availability of water cooling of electrodes, elements of current contact jaws, electrode shaft and welding transformer;
• Smooth operation of the pneumatic drive;
• Separate adjustment of air pressure supplied to the middle and lower chambers of the cylinder;
• Rapid build-up of the increased effort of the pneumatic drive;
• Availability of a pressure relay, which ensures switching off of the welding current when the required pressure of the cooling liquid is decreased;
• The angle of inclination of the wheel electrodes allows welding in hard-to-reach places;
• Adjustment of the lower electrode in height to compensate its wear;
• Availability of roller drive;
• SERRATRON 1А welding controller supports 16 different modes of welding modes, the parameters of the welding modes are set via the portable programmer for storage in the controller’s memory;
• SERRATRON 1В welding controller supports 256 different modes of resistance welding, the parameters of the welding modes are set via the operator panel for storage in the controller’s memory;
• SERRATRON 1А, SERRATRON 1В welding controllers have a current feedback;
• Automatic stabilization of the set parameters with indication of actual values;
• Possibility of current modulation in the welding pulse.

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