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Semi-automatic machine having a wide control range of welding parameters is designed for all-position gas-shielded arc welding at constant current in the protective gas environment with a consumable electrode with solid or flux-cored wire of low-alloyed and alloyed steels, as well as corrosion-resistant (stainless) steels in argon gas atmosphere. The semi-automatic machine is equipped with welding rectifiers КИГ-401, КИУ-501 and КИГ-601.

The wire feed mechanism is mounted in a compact open-type casing together with a wire reel magazine, controls and a gas cutoff.

In the semi-automatic machine, a four-roller wire feed gearing mechanism with the power of electric motor of the wire feed reduction gear of 120W is used, which ensures reliable uniform feeding of both solid and flux-cored welding wires.

Stepwise regulation of welding voltage by the power source КИГ-401, КИГ-601 (switch).

Parameter nameRate
Rated welding current at DC = 60% and welding cycle of 10 minutes, A400, 500, 600
Regulation limits of welding current, А50 - 400
60 - 500
60 – 630
Regulation limits of welding arc voltage, V16 - 37
18 - 50
17 – 46
Diameter of electrode wire, mm:
- solid1,2 - 2,0
- flux-cored2 - 3,216 - 37
Limits of smooth regulation of electrode wire feed speed, m/h100 - 1200
Weight, kg, of:
- feed mechanism17
- electrode wire15
Overall dimensions of the feed mechanism, mm470×365×430


• Smooth regulation of welding voltage from the feed mechanism (КИУ-501);
• Smooth regulation of electric wire feed speed from the feed mechanism;
• Quick-release, safe current connectors;
• Quick-release gas connector;
• Automatic control of gas path, welding source and feed mechanism by means of a button on the torch ;
• Gas purging before and after welding;
• Availability of wire dressing mode and gas feed check mode;
• Multipurpose braking device complies with the European standard;
• Gearing of the feed and pressure rollers;
• Calibration check of the clamping device force;
• Provides installation of the magazine (diameter 300 mm) with a wire weighing 15 kg and (diameter 200 mm) with a wire weighing 5 kg by an additional order;
• Stable feed speed of welding wire at the length of the torch cable of 3 m and cable bends;
• Application of the 4-roller feed mechanism provides increased tractive effort and the ability to work with torches up to 5 m in length by an additional order;
• Torch connection using pin connectors, possibility to connect the torch through the CEE plug by an additional order;
• Rigid and shock-resistant design of the body of the feed mechanism;
• The welding wire can be fed directly from a magazine or from a reel placed on an unwinding device by an additional order;
• Protection of the electric motor of the wire feed mechanism against overloads.

Standard set: feed mechanism, control cable, direct welding cable, return welding cable, set of spare parts.

Optionally: welding torch, gas hose, gas flow regulator, gas heater.

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