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    The staff of PrJSC “Kakhovka plant of electric welding equipment” expresses deep condolences to relatives, friends and colleagues from the E.О. Paton Electric Welding Institute on the death of the permanent head of the Institute, President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Academician


    A living legend, representing the entire scientific community of the country for several epochs, has passed away. Borys Yevhenovych brought to the world level not only the electric welding industry with his powerful knowledge, intelligence and experience, he was able to move forward and develop all scientific areas in Ukraine.

    Academician Paton has left his mark in the history of the city of Kakhovka, located in the south of our country. Back in 1959, with his support and blessing, our city began manufacturing electric welding machines and apparatuses, which later reached the world level in quality and technical characteristics and won international markets. To this day we produce electric welding machines and put into life the idea of ​​great Paton with dignity.

    The memory of BORYS YEVHENOVYCH PATON is forever engraved in the hearts of Kakhovka plant workers and in the history of Kakhovka plant of electric welding equipment.

May the soul of the outstanding scientist of Ukraine rest in peace and calmness!

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