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Multi-pack rack welding rectifier ВДМ-1201К is designed for assembly of welding pack racks for manual arc DC welding with coated electrodes of the articles made of carbon and alloyed steels.

Welding current control is done for every pack rack independently by means of ballast resistor.

Parameter nameRate
Rated mains voltage, V3х380
Rated welding current, А at DC=100%1250
Number of pack racks8
Rated welding current of one pack rack, А at DC=60%315
Electrode diameter, mm3,0 - 6,0
Rated operating voltage, V56
No-load voltage, V76
Coolingair, forced
Overall dimensions, mm1000×685×650
Weight, kg350

Positive distinctive features:

– simple design
– ease of maintenance and repair
– maximum adaptation to operate under heavy-duty conditions
– stable arc burning
– small spattering of metal
– high quality of the welded joint
– availability of protection against overcurrent and short circuit currents in the welding circuit
– indicating instruments – a voltmeter and an ammeter
– an input circuit breaker
– an entry gland for mains cable
– on-line state indication
– protection against overheating
– load handling devices for loading and transportation
– impregnation of the transformer in a vacuum furnace with silicon organic varnish KO-916K
Standard delivery set: rectifier, two current links.

Optionally: welding cables, electrode holder, earth clamp, digital instruments, wheels, rotary turret, ballast resistors.

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