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Special single-pack rack electric welding rectifier with external dropping characteristic, with shunt control of welding current and device for no-load voltage limitation is designed for manual arc welding, cutting and building-up by stick electrodes at direct current under coal mine conditions and in other industries, where operation of PH1 equipment of mining version is allowed.

The rectifier can be used for welding on surfaces at the sites of high risk, increased humidity and high dust content.

Parameter nameRate
Rated mains voltage, V660 or 380
Rated mains current frequency, Hz50
Current consumed from the mains at the rated welding current, A70 or 120
Rated welding current at DC=25% and welding cycle of 10 minutes, А400
Rated operating voltage, V36
Smooth control limits of welding current, A100 - 400
No-load voltage, V12
Electrode diameter, mm3 - 6
Weight, kg400
Overall dimensions, mm1230×755×725

Positive distinctive features:

– Due to input of the throttle into the welding circuit, the welding properties of the machine are significantly improved, spattering is reduced, saving of welding materials is ensured;
– to ensure safety, the device is equipped with a protective shutdown device, which, when a hazardous voltage in the welding circuit appears, disconnects the machine from the mains;
– machine is equipped with a device for limiting no-load voltage;
– on-line state indicating lights;
– indicating lights of dangerous voltage in the welding circuit;
– button for monitoring the serviceability of the residual current circuit-breaker;
– for measurement of insulation resistance without time-consuming removal of the cover of the machine, the functions “Operation” and “Resistance measurement” are included;
– simple and reliable switching of power supply to 380 V or 660 V (pins + jumpers);
– degree of protection against external factors IP54.

Standard delivery set: rectifier.
Optionally: welding cables, electrode holder, clamp.

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